October 2021 - Interesting reads



An interesting read for whoever wants to learn more about the challenges we encounter when writing big mobile apps that need to scale. IMO a very good read for both mobile developers but also any other devs / product / design person who wants to know more of what’s going on under the hood / on the day to day. https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/57668267-building-mobile-apps-at-scale



You can rerun tasks only for a single module with the -a flag: ./gradlew app:assembleDebug --rerun-tasks -a will run all required tasks in the app module but none of the tasks in other modules that app depends on. -a stands for --no-rebuild. There’s no -a in the documentation, but it appears in ./gradlew help


Shortcut of the month (Intellij IDEA)

You know how you can select the same occurrences of a selection by using CTRL+G? You can also decide to skip some of those occurrences by using CMD+G and then just continuing doing CTRL+G after for the rest of the occurrences you want to match (useful when you want to select only some of the occurrences in the file but not all of them)

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