Q1 2023 - The Digest

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  • The Hidden Costs of Waiting on Slow Build Times Slow build times have a significant impact on developers' productivity and their mental and emotional well-being, learn more in this experiment conducted by the GitHub engineering team.
  • Why Take Notes? The act of taking notes helps individuals process information and retain it better, leading to better decision-making and problem-solving skills.
  • The Inside Story of How Facebook Designed the Like Button and Made Social Media into a Popularity Contest Fast Company explores the history and design of Facebook's Like button, including the ethical implications of turning social media into a popularity contest.
  • From Startup to Scaleup: The CTO Journey The CTO of Malt shares their journey from a startup to a scaleup, discussing the challenges they faced along the way and the lessons learned.
  • Communicating Effectively as a Developer Tips on effective communication for developers, including strategies for collaborating with team members, sharing knowledge, giving and receiving feedback.
  • Tech Migrations: The Spotify Way Spotify's engineering team shares their approach to tech migrations as well as the principles and best practices they follow to minimize risk and downtime.
  • What I Learned from Pairing with Developers This blog post shares the benefits of pairing with developers and provides tips for getting the most out of the experience, how to choose the right partner and create an effective workflow.
  • Improving Developer Productivity at Uber Uber's DevPod initiative aims to improve developer productivity by providing standardized development environments and tools.
  • On Writing The importance of writing in a world increasingly dominated by visual media and tips on how to become a better writer.
  • Leading Roblox: Claus Moberg Roblox's VP of Engineering, Claus Moberg, discusses his approach to leadership and the importance of creating a positive company culture.
  • Rust: The Secure Programming Language Wired explores the growing popularity of Rust, a programming language known for its security and memory safety features, and its potential to revolutionize software development.
  • The Generative AI Revolution Has Begun. How Did We Get Here? The recent advances in generative artificial intelligence and how these technologies have evolved to create increasingly sophisticated outputs, from music and art to language and even entire narratives. The piece also delves into the ethical implications of generative AI and the challenges posed by the rapid pace of technological innovation.

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  • Human Powered Teams With Emotional Intelligence Trenton Moss, founder of Team Sterka and author of "Human Powered", emphasized the importance of having good emotional intelligence and people skills in digital product teams. He shared the six key skills outlined in his book, including conflict resolution, building strong relationships, and storytelling, and highlighted frameworks such as PLEASE, MASTER, and LEAD that can help improve these skills.
  • Why Twitter's former safety chief left Elon Musk Yoel Roth, former head of trust and safety at Twitter, discusses his time working with Elon Musk and how he ultimately decided to leave the company.

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Genius: We Caught Google 'Red Handed' Stealing Lyrics Data Genius, a song-lyrics site, explains how they caught Google copying their data and displaying it directly on the search results page without proper attribution.

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