All 4 | Channel 4


• Found and fixed long standing bugs to help tackle Channel 4’s error rates OKRs
• Ensured high code quality through static analysis, reviewed PRs, pair programming, CI and working closely with the external QA team
• Helped modularising the app, improving build times and enabling a more effective way to work in parallel
• Worked fully remote while ensuring effective communication with the client and colleagues in London

Backen.de | Dr. Oetker

android, ios

• Led the analytics initiative for both platforms. Worked hand in hand with the data team in order to choose the right solution for them
• Cross-platform pairing to ensure extreme consistency between Android and iOS, also enabling Engineers to work on both platforms
• Implemented a BFF using NodeJS, AWS and Elasticsearch
• Participated in user testing to measure the usability and ease of use of the application and iterate according to results

Autoscout24 | Scout24


• Mentored and empowered client developers through presentations, discussions, pair programming sessions \& katas • Shifted the modularisation of the app to be by features rather than segment to untangle dependencies and enable working in parallel
• Revisited their agile processes, definition of done and enabled remote working
• Introduced release trains (went from 2 releases a quarter to a release each sprint)
• Stabilized their CI setup (resolved cache issues to improve build times and fixed flaky tests to increase trust in the tools)
• Refactored critical pieces of the code to avoid regressions, fix long standing bugs and overall improve leadtime and team velocity
• Introduced A/B testing to optimize some areas of the app

Alkeo | Alkeo

android, ruby on rails

• Part of my apprenticeship program (50\% at school, 50\% at work)
• Android go-to person of this four people company, main objective was to port our iOS apps to Android
• Wrote a Rails app to make things easier inside the company (customers management, generating invoices, triggering alerts...)

Unreleased IOT Device | Large multinational company

android, ios

• Transmited private encrypted data from the IoT device to the backend in a secure manner
• Worked together with distributed teams (hardware, mobile, backend) in India, China, UK, Germany and the Netherlands
• Enabled Bluetooth communication between the IoT device and phones

V-Home | Vodafone

android, ios

• Conducted technical interviews to hire contractors
• Brought Android and iOS closer together through common architecture and pairing between platforms
• Started initiative to bring the legacy codebase under test on iOS

Pulse | SoundCloud


• Collaborated with the in-house backend team as well as the Android Engineers to ensure we were meeting their quality standards
• Reused parts of the code between the Listeners and Creators apps and ensured that any improvements were rolled out on both
• Led work regarding UI testing to ensure a good end to end test coverage of the main app paths