Hi, I'm Flo.

Coding, writing protips and helping people with their code is a big part of my daily routine.
I'm mostly known for being able to convert caffeine into Android apps since 2009.
As of 2014, you can finally trust me because I'm now an engineer. 2014 also marked the end of my three years of apprenticeship program at Alkeo and the material remake of my most popular app, Traktoid.
I'm part of the Paris Android User Group team where I'm helping organising meetups, droidcons and sometimes even speaking.
Between two coding sessions, you'll probably run into me taking photos with my new shiny 7D Mk II or my not so shiny but still pretty good Nexus 5. You might also find me biking, reading or making short films at Opeprod.

I'm currently looking for my next challenge abroad (check out my resume!).

For whatever reason, you can reach me on my professional email, on my personal one or on Twitter.